Things that Drive Me Nuts

I've shown you some things I've done. Here's what's left undone that's still on my list.

Underside of hood is horrendous. Someone undercoated the underside in an attempt to slow the decay of the original foam insulation. A new hood pad is desperately needed, but at least the paint on the other side of the hood doesn't seem to be suffering from the heat. 

UPDATE: The nasty remnants of the original pad are now gone. (I feel better already.)

If you look closely, you'll see that the front suspension needs work. Note the cracked rubber damper here.
Note worn outer bolster of driver's seat 
Another shot of the worn driver's seat outer bolster. 
Evidence of poor body work here on the passenger-side fender. The question is whether it
indicates a leaky windshield washer reservoir or just really bad workmanship. Either way,
it's getting re-done properly. (And I refuse to change the fender because
I want to keep the original sheet metal.)

Same here on the driver's door. There's a small rust bubble here that indicates sub-standard repair work. They also did not remove the door handle when painting, so even though the paint is glossy, the work looks shoddy.