Cocomats: Better than OEM

Mercedes OEM were generally very high quality parts in the 90s with at least one exception: floor mats. It's a piece of velour carpeting on top of an identical piece of carpeting and that never made sense to me. Plus, over time the rubber backing on the OEM mats would break down and leave a nasty black powdery residue. (Particularly unsightly on light-colored carpeting.)

The OEM floor mats were not practical. They showed stains too easily and had a rubber backing that would break down into a dusty mess over time.
Black with gray dot cocomat - note the thick rubber heel
pad that's heat-pressed into the mat. 
My preferred mat is from It's an extremely heavy (20 lbs for a set of four mats) mat beautifully made in South Carolina from cocoa husks, sisal, or seagrass. The styling is distinctly retro, but unlike cocomats from the 60s these come with a rubber backing and a heavy rubber heel pad that is fused into the mat. The old mats were a superficial shield to dirt because they were completely porous. Consequently, dirt would simply fall right through them onto the underlying carpet.

Overall, these mats exude quality. The fit is excellent, the materials are first-rate, and the construction spares no expense. This is the second set I've purchased and I'm quite sure it won't be my last.
Nice fit.

The design is  also a quiet nod to cars from the 60s, consistent with the overall design of an A124 Cabriolet. Modern, but with a nod to the classics. (Undoubtedly another reason they're popular with the Porsche crowd.)

If I had any issues at all with these mats, it would be that the mats for the back seat are a little too large. They are not a perfect fit. (Perhaps they are designed for a Coupe.)