Friends in High Places

"The four-seaters of the MB W124 series stand for the elegance of the 1990s—modern, but not modish. With very respectable performance and only a small number of electronic components, they are genuine classic cars."   -Klaus Kienle 

Breaking into the Pantheon of Mercedes is no easy task. It takes any number of characteristics such as limited production, engineering and design prowess, a high standard of build quality, provenance, and certain intangibles that equate to, well, lust. But it's justifiable lust.

Suffice it to say it also never hurts when someone important says nice things. Collectors like this kind of validation, so a few kind words from the right source can singlehandedly create a market. One such person to laud the 90s Cabriolet recently is noted German restorer Klaus Kienle, quoted above. 
Olson's Cabriolet purchased this year 

Recent praise doesn't stop there. The Cabriolet just won another ally in market prognosticator John Olson. If you own a collectible Mercedes, particularly an iconic model like a Gullwing, then you've probably sought the advice of Olson to answer the question of establishing its collector value. John painstakingly tracks the market for key models through his highly respected and prodigiously researched SL Market Letter

Recently, he not only wrote a very favorable piece on the future of the E320 Cabriolet, but he even put his money where his mouth is and purchased a handsome Cabriolet finished in 269 Tourmaline Green.

Those looking for more reading material on this subject matter may appreciate a favorable blog posting on the Cabriolet back in 2012 from automotive blogger Sean Conner. His piece gives a good overview of the model's highlights over the span of its brief production.

I did not purchase my Cabriolet for investment purposes, but it's good to see the choice validated on this level. It speaks to the car's inherent value—values that have propelled other models onto many collectors' lists.

If you own a Cabriolet, congratulations on an endorsement from a guru who says you made the right choice. In fact, Olson says at the last Gullwing Club meeting, he discovered many of today's W198 owners have a 90s Cabriolet sitting in their garage next to their Gullwing. (Not a bad bellwether either.)

So if you're looking for a 90s Cabriolet, I have just two words: better hurry.