What's On the Market Right Now?

Perhaps you're looking for a Cabriolet. Or perhaps you own one and are looking to upgrade or just add another to your stable. Or maybe you're just always looking to see where the market is.

Personally, I think I'm all of the above. In an ideal world, I would own two Cabriolets—one to drive and one to hold.

With this mindset, I would also say these are the two ways to approach a search. Either you drive it, enjoy it, and accumulate as many miles as you please, or you buy it and keep it as a low-mileage garage queen. I can see the merit in both approaches, but my heart is with the former.

An enthusiast will generally say that condition trumps mileage, and I have to concur. In fact, I believe this particular model is so well-made that you can buy a car with over 100K on it and, if it's been properly maintained, still have an outstanding, robust vehicle with decades of life left in it.

Enthusiasts love to help aspiring owners, so you'll find a number of outstanding buying guides on the web. Print these out, bring a friend when you look at candidates, and don't rush into anything.

Prices are all over the place, so that should tell you that there are some real bargains out there right now. I believe all A124 Cabriolets are significantly undervalued right now, so you can't go terribly wrong if you get a good car.

The following are examples of cars are on the market right now that I consider worthy of consideration.

One of the better ads I've seen online for a Cabriolet.

Here's one of the better ads I've seen online for a handsome smoke silver Cabriolet. The vehicle is sold, but it's worth taking a look at the large, clear pix.

This 1994 Cab with 154K on the clock outside Dallas seems like a steal at under $6K:

I haven't seen this car, but it looks intriguing. Dealer: andautocenter.com

I like the climate, the photos, the colors, and the description. Seems like a bargain if described accurately.

You tend to see these cars in black, red, white, emerald green & silver.
This shade of green is rare.

Here's one in Chattanooga that's an unusual shade of factory green. It's a 1993 300CE with 118K, asking $10K:

Again, this seems like an interesting example, if accurately represented.

Finally, here's one with no pix--a low-mileage (33K) example in Pittsburgh right now that is priced at $19K. The pix online are not worth posting, so I would recommend a good hard look at the details in-person to make sure it's as clean as you'd expect from these miles. At this price, it's a no-brainer if genuine. Plus it's finished in quintessentially Mercedes silver-grey metallic.