Pop! The Cabriolet Shows Off in 1/3 of a Second.

The rear headrests on the Cabriolet are designed to pop up in the event
of any sudden trauma and, indeed, they do.

So there we were driving in bucolic Newtown, Connecticut, on a mission to sample ice cream from a superb little shop known for miles around as a local institution. On the way though, we encountered  a series of nasty speed bumps that are just hard enough to punish the suspension of anyone traveling over 30MPH.

I completely missed the warning signs and flew over the very first bump, making the car momentarily airborne and, much to my surprise, causing the rear headrests to deploy with a loud ratcheting noise. The rear headrests are triggered when the wheels either leave the ground or the car is angled at greater than 20%.

It was good to see they function as they were manufactured to do almost two decades ago. Yes, old technology, but functional, old technology.

That ice cream sure tasted great. (And it felt pretty good driving home knowing that this mid-90s  convertible had safety features that have successfully made the trip to the 21st century.)

1890s technology meets 1990s technology