Special Equipment Code 283: "Windschott."

Although described as "ungainly" in the 8/92 issue of CAR,
the factory wind deflector, to my eye, is classic M-B. 
Records show that on November 30, 1995, the A124 Cabriolet #282332 bound for the US was delivered with the optional Oris wind screen. By the time the vehicle reached my hands 18 years later, however, the windschott was long gone, perhaps ripped and discarded or just misplaced and forgotten by one of its two previous owners. Regardless, it's no longer. Moreover, your neighborhood Mercedes dealer will tell you this part that's unique to the mid-90s Cabriolet has long been categorized as No Longer Available (NLA).

What's an anal-retentive owner to do?
Yes, a similar part is available from aftermarket suppliers, but it's not the same and rather awkwardly proportioned. It's noticeably taller than the original. It also lacks the tailored fit of the factory part that conforms to the rear seats and tucks neatly into the rear seatbelt openings.
Note taller profile of aftermarket screen and non-contoured fit of back panel.

Finding an original is possible, but only if you can find an owner who is willing to part with one. My first thought was to approach an owner selling his car, but that's a taller order than you'd think. As a rule, owners don't like to sell off bits & pieces for fear of de-valuing their vehicle. On the other hand, the ones who might be persuaded are inclined to place a substantial (read: unreasonable) premium to the desired part. I found this out the hard way.

Option #283 in situ
They say good things come to those who wait, but my impatient side wonders how on earth that expression made any sense before the Internet. After about a year of looking, I found my windschott on craigslist in Washington, DC. Someone in Northern Virginia was selling this very part, long separated from his mother's Cabriolet that met an unfortunate and untimely end in a front-end collision. His mother survived, but the black 1995 Cabriolet did not. A pristine, unused wind screen was all that was left.

So my Cabriolet has a windschott once again. It fits like a glove, and I'm anxious to see how effectively it decreases turbulence in the cabin come springtime. (And if anyone knows how it's supposed to be stored in the trunk, I'd appreciate a photo.)

Thank you, Santa!