How many?

Rare, but how rare?

"One of only 1,600 produced."

I can't tell you how many times I've seen numbers like this in ads. As an owner, I want to believe these claims, but I know better.

The total number of the E 320 Cabriolet (as opposed to the other variants known as the 300CE-24, E200, E220 and E36 AMG) produced from 1991-1997 is 12,229. This is worldwide and not just US-spec vehicles.

Worldwide, the entire A124 Cabriolet (all variants) production run totaled 33,952. Traditionally, roughly 75% of production was bound for the US and Canada, but for the A124 Cabriolet, that figure was dramatically smaller. On May 20, 1996, the factory announced the end of Cabriolet production and cited "about 6,400 imported to the US":
So while the figure of 1,600 produced claimed by a seller on CraigsList right now is way off, it's still fair to say you don't see one of these every day.


Somehow, saying "1 of 33,952" doesn't have the same ring to it