RIP: Cupholders

This has annoyed me
for 2 years. 
You'll find cupholders in today's Mercedes, but not in models from the mid-90s since the Germans were still incredulous that Americans drank coffee while driving. They simply couldn't fathom the notion, perhaps because driving at autobahn speeds requires more concentration than our mere double-nickel. Consequently, you don't see cupholders in an A124 Cabriolet (or Coupe or Sedan, for that matter). Not from the factory, at least. If you do, it's because some java-swilling American driver decided to add them at some point.

Like many Cabriolets here in the US, the driver-side door panel of mine evidences this aftermarket eyesore, so it was time for me to un-do this "upgrade" and restore it to its original state of factory inconvenience.

One phone call to Tom Hansen at the Classic Center in Irvine and a mere $55 later, the door panel is on its way from Germany. Part # is 1247201763. (Note: This Part # excludes the color, so that is tacked on to the end of this string of numbers. Black is 9A84. Light Cream-Beige is 8F33.)

And that's one more annoyance eradicated from my checklist:

(Sigh of relief)