Beige Interior Relief

I learned something new today that should be of interest to anyone with a 265 creme-beige (aka mushroom or quartz) interior: Krylon 52504 Gloss Khaki is a spot-on perfect match for Mercedes 265 creme-beige. Absolutely perfect. Finish it off with a spritz of Krylon 51313 Satin Acrylic Crystal Clear for UV protection and you have a flawless match of the factory color and finish on your plastic parts.

In other words, any plastic parts in your interior that are either mismatched or faded can be easily corrected. Also, it you need a part and it's only available in the wrong color, you can correct it to match Mercedes 265 creme-beige. It's great news since that means freshening up your interior is no further than the nearest hardware store with a decent selection of Krylon paint.

The first parts I tackled on my own Cabriolet were my vanity mirror lids on my sunvisors. Yes, they are tan, but they are noticeably different from each other and a very different shade from the sunvisors.

The results were dramatic and took just minutes to achieve:
Before: The vanity mirrors were broken when I purchased the car. I replaced them,
but the colors always bothered me.

After: Passenger-side
After: Driver-side
After: In just a few minutes, a perfectly matching pair. 

Don't be fooled by the color on the rattle can—Krylon 52504 Khaki
is a perfect match for 265 creme-beige. Cost: approximately $5.


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