In One of History's Fiercest Rivalries, A Momentary Truce

On Christmas Eve 1914 and into the following day, German and British troops famously suspended hostilities throughout the Western Front to celebrate the holiday. For a brief moment, WWI ground to a halt so that sworn enemies could exchange friendly yuletide greetings face-to-face, recover fallen comrades, and even play football.

Today, on the Northeastern Front, a similar suspension of hostilities occurred. None of the usual angry words, no dirty looks, not so much as one hand gesture was exchanged between a party from Boston and another from New York. They were both owners of black 1995 E320 Cabriolets that happen to be among the last to be exported to the US.
One of the last: Manufactured in 12/95

It was a chance meeting at a Citgo station in Cohasset, Massachusetts that caused a momentary thaw in Yankees-Red Sox tensions that's arguably the longest and most heated rivalry in sports history. Stories of torn soft tops, rear view mirrors crumbling in hands, the same bits of trim falling off, cars with Florida roots ... these are the kinds of mutual experiences that bring people together no matter how vicious the longstanding home team rivalry.

I described the meeting as a "truce," to which a local at the gas pump quickly added, "Well, maybe until noon."