Don't Forget to Clean Here

On every automobile, there are certain spots where dirt tends to get trapped, but is hidden from view. For example, consider that paragon of durability, the W123. There are pockets on either side of the engine bay where the firewall meets the engine compartment. Leaves and dirt tend to accumulate back there, eventually causing rust and rot even in this icon known for its robust construction.

Check for dirt accumulation here.
The A124 has its weak spots, too. One of these vexing places on its body is at the leading edge of the front wheel wells. Stick your index finger in the corner on either the driver or passenger-side fender and you'll generally find a clump of dirt in there, no matter what your driving conditions have been. It's unavoidable. Our cars just tend to collect dirt, sand and debris in those spots.

If you're an owner, make sure to stay on top of this spot. Wash it out regularly with a hose, pressure washer or even compressed air. And if you're in the market for a Cabriolet, make sure to check these spots for any rot. Needless to say, clean wheel wells speak volumes about the conscientiousness of the owner.

So now you know. Check back with this blog to hear about other spots to examine regularly on your A124.