California Car Cover: Horrendous

Note fit at bottom of windshield
Years ago, I had a beautiful Pagoda SL with a gorgeous original black leather interior that I took great care to protect from the sun. When it was parked, I would toss an interior cover over the cockpit that was a barrier to dirt, leaves and damaging ultra-violet rays. No shade in the parking lot? No problem.

I loved that cover because it was so handy. It even protected the cloth soft top since I didn't have to raise and lower it as often. Less wear & tear on the cloth and fewer creases in that plastic rear window.

Years later, when I found myself with another convertible I remembered that interior cover, so I made a call to California Car Cover.

What I experienced was memorable ... memorably bad. 5 weeks with no explanation to deliver a product that was supposed to take 2 weeks is bad. Having it arrive defective is worse. But the crowning achievement was when they blamed me—when I sent them photos showing the cover is too short, they blamed me for not installing it properly ...  as if there were some trick that I wasn't able to master.

Throughout the transaction, I was patient, calm, and respectful to their Internet rep, George. George meant well, but it's clear the company has no control over its suppliers.

The sad thing is that I'm a repeat customer. They used to make a fine product. My previous interior cover for my Pagoda SL was indispensable.

My advice is not to buy from California Car Cover, certainly not for anything bespoke. My experience tells me they will deliver a product that is poorly made and even more poorly supported.