Door Cladding

The A124 is still a bit off the radar over at the Mercedes Classic Center. I say this because a few basic parts are still elusive—elusive not because they're no longer available, but because the parts diagrams are unclear, so it's difficult to get an accurate part number. 

One of these elusive parts is the upper mounting clip for the door cladding on an A124 Coupe or Cabriolet. It's a wider clip than the sedans, but looks similar. To be clear, this is a clip on the backside of the cladding that slides into a groove on the door. There are 7 on each door of a Coupe or Cabriolet.

I had to order it 4 different times from the Classic Center before they gave up. (Yes, even the Classic Center can't decipher the parts diagrams.) Then I found it on ebay.

This slider will disintegrate over the years, so owners would be wise to order this very reasonably priced part on ebay now while the part is available. (For what it's worth, I made 2 orders.)

When they're in good shape, the cladding on the A124 Cabriolet can be a beautiful—and even practical—detail.  They do take a beating quite nicely. They are one of many contributions from visionary designer Bruno Saccco to mid-90s Mercedes that helps make our cars the elegant, durable machines they are today.