Adios, Pinstripes.

There are plenty of things in our lives that scream out for our help to look their best, but, in my opinion, the lines of the A124 Cabriolet aren't one of them. There is no need for adornment in the form of a pinstripe running down the side of this car.

I believe the lines of the A124 Cabriolet need no help, but it's evident that many in the 90s felt otherwise. Exhibit A is my 040 black Cabriolet that started life with a painted red/beige double-pinstripe thanks to a Mercedes dealer in New Jersey when it first left the dealer lot in the spring of 1996. Yes, it was color-coordinated and accentuated the interior, but to my eye it looks dated and adds nothing to the lines of the car. Daimler-Benz design head Bruno Sacco said it best: "Simplest is best."

It took awhile, but I finally got up the courage to remove the pinstripes with a microfiber cloth towel doused with just enough lacquer thinner to do the job.

The results were spectacular. No noticeable damage to the paint, no excessive rubbing needed, and no residue. Mind you, I was fortunate that my car is black. A white or silver Cabriolet would have shown a permanent red line etched into its paint. Black is a very difficult color to take care of, but, in this case, it was definitely a benefit.

The purity of Mr. Sacco's original design is now restored.

Now pinstripe-free


  1. We removed the pinstripe with a hair dryer. Car looks much better.

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