It's 'Nut-Driving'

Surprisingly common to miss the trim that snaps in here
on an E320 Cabriolet
There are problems, and then there are those pesky niggling little details where your car falls short, but only you can see the issue. And when that something happens under your watch, it's always worse.

So there's this innocuous rectangular piece of black plastic trim that fits around the opening for the soft top latching mechanism on a Cabriolet. It's purely cosmetic and clips into the tonneau cover  towards the rear of the car. (Owners would be wise to note the part number: 124-757-03-08.)
The backside of the missing trim.
Note clips on either side.

I was always very pleased that my Cabriolet had this part that's often missing on these cars, but one day that changed. After a weekend drive, I noticed it was gone. I assume the piece must get yanked out of its spot while lowering the top, only to be immediately blown out of the car by the wind.

(Sigh of relief)
No matter. A quick call to my parts dealers can get me this part, right? Well, not exactly. At least one source told me the part was no longer available, but that turned out to be untrue. Eventually, Tom Hanson at The Classic Center came through. (It did take a good month to receive from Germany, however.)

When your piece of trim inevitably goes missing, call Tom at The Classic Center. (Better yet, order two.)