Progress during Hibernation

At least someone gets to relax this winter. 
Winter is a time for R&R. Not for you, but for your enthusiast car. For the actual enthusiast, it's business as usual. The incessant fussing, tweaking and improving continues, regardless of whether the car is on the road or not.

The passenger-side seat adjustment unit removed from the door.
For this enthusiast, a particularly harsh winter was the ideal time for me to confront an ongoing issue with the power seat switches. For some reason, moving forward and backward had become a problem. Last time I opened up the passenger-side door panel, I decided to remove and clean the control unit installed in the door with electrical cleaner. Before I even got to pry open the unit though, I could hear something loose inside. It turned out to be a tiny pin and spring that simply fell out of the unit. My assumption was this was probably the culprit for the seat function issues.

Simple enough. Remove door panel, unscrew control unit in door, replace with new unit, replace door panel, hope for the best.

The culprits?  
While the door panel was off though, I noticed a piece of trim around the door lock knob that had visibly decayed from UV exposure. It was an obvious cosmetic flaw, so it made sense to replace this part while the door panel was off.

How could I re-install the
door panel without
replacing this trim?
It's the next-to-last day of February. Before we know it, spring will be here.